Back Taxes

Back Taxes 1999 – 2020

BACK TAXES: Let us help you prepare your prior year taxes for years 1999 – 2020

If you have not filed your back taxes, chances are that the IRS may complete a “substitute tax return” for you. A “substitute tax return” typically does not have federal exemptions or expenses and therefore increases the total tax liability you may owe.

Failure to file back taxes may attract IRS penalties and interest. If the IRS collects on your owed tax liability, the IRS may place a tax levy on your wages or bank accounts, or a federal tax lien on your personal property.

Unpaid tax is the start of the IRS collection process, so take action early to prevent penalties and interest.

We may be able to assist you prepare back taxes for the years 1999 – 2020. Please use the contact us form to request service.